Great Food


At Western Sizzlin great food isn’t something we just talk about...we dream about it, we live it everyday. We are a family style steakhouse that approaches steaks with a passion. We make it happen with our specially formulated Flamekist® technique and our exclusive Gold Dust seasoning. This winning combination makes our steaks so good, eating a regular steak will never be the same! Right now come into participating Western Sizzlin locations and try our new Angus Beef steaks. Flavorful and delicious, it's just another reason that we are America's Favorite Family Steakhouse!

If you think that the only reason guests choose Western Sizzlin is for the steaks, get ready for a surprise, and we don’t mean a surprise like, your in-laws are coming for the weekend. You’ll also find a collection of entrees such as top quality chicken, pork and seafood and a full line of both hot and cold food buffets. These bars feature a home cooked flavor more like your grandmas cooking and less like the ordinary buffet that settles for a mediocre offering. How many home style vegetables and fresh baked goods are on the bars each day? Come in and see for yourself because we know you don’t have time to read a list that long.

Click below to learn about some of our specialities:

What is Flamekist?